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The citizens free guide to beating the bookmaker. A totally new and non-reproduced article Download by clicking here.

Conversion table for fractional to decimal odds vice versa. Click here.

Hybrid vigour and working dogs. Click here for the free article.

Article on food and nutrition for greyhounds lurchers and other performance long dogs (this article is also a useful reference for all sporting dog nutrition. Click here for free article on food

Download Betting guide for beginners


A new book on the evolution of another interesting group of dogs the working Bull & Terrier family. Click the picture for more information.


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Recommended racing dog links & online bookmakers for betting on the dogs. 

So far there is only one that I can say stands out from the others.  Betfair allows you to bet against other punters rather than the bookmaker or casino itself.  There is truly no better than that and if there is send me an e-mail and I will advertise it.  To got have a tour of Betfair click on the banner below.