How to bet on Greyhound Racing
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This is a simple and easy to understand guide to betting on the dogs or horses.  If you wish to open an account online then check our recommended casinos on this page.


Find a greyhound track bookmaker or (well established) online sports betting operator to place your bet. While there, get a racing form that gives you the names of the dogs and what type of race they'll be running. 


Study your racing form. If you are at a bookmaker, your form should give you various races from different tracks around the country. Pick your race and study the dogs. There will be a list of their weight, where the dogs have finished in past races, the distances of the races, their times and the names of the dogs that beat them. The best way to bet is to look at the dogs with the fastest times.


Watch the television or computer screen for the odds, the formula that expresses what chance bettors believe each dog has to win the race. The higher the odds, the less likely it is a dog will win—and the more money you stand to make if it does. For example, a dog with odds of 20-1 will pay $20 on a $1 bet if it wins. If a dog's odds are 7-5, you'd make $7 on a $5 bet. The 7-5 dog would be the favorite—the dog most bettors believe has the best chance to win. 


Select a dog, and go to the betting window or fill in the online betting slip if you are betting online as this is the place to make your wager. There are several different wagers (bets) you can make. Much like horse racing, you can bet on whether a dog will win, place (come in first or second), or show (come in first, second or third). You can also bet the exacta (the first and second place dogs in that order), the trifecta (the first, second and third dogs in that order) or the superfecta (the top four dogs in the exact order). If you don't feel comfortable picking any of these bets in the exact order, you can always box a bet, which means the dogs can place in any order as long as you've picked the right set. 


Place your bet your bet by telling the cashier of filling in the online form the name of the track, the race, the type of bet, the amount of the bet and the numbers of the dogs you wish to play. Check your ticket before leaving the window and have the cashier issue a new one if there are errors. 

Step 6

Watch the race whether on the TV live or on your computer screen.  This is experience and the more you watch the dogs the more you will learn.  Watching is learning.  Watch there races again no matter if you win or lost.  Try to remember as many of the dogs as you can and your impression of them.  This is better than just relying on other people's opinion of the dogs or form books alone.  You should trust and make your own opinions as well as listening to others (hate to say it but at the end of the day betters are all out for themselves as are the bookmakers so learn to have your own opinions as well as learning from others).